Monday, May 03, 2010

Lilacs and Museums

Last weekend, we went to the Duniway Lilac garden here in Portland. It was a beautiful day, and almost every plant there was blooming. The smell was amazing!

Lilac sky

Lilacs are some of my absolute favorite flowers, and we had fun smelling each one of the tiny flowers and Ben found a five petal beauty:

Five petal lilac

Margot and Dad

We have had the opportunity recently to visit some really cool places in Portland for free. The Portland Art Museum, OMSI, and many other places offer free or majorly discounted nights for families once a month. We decided to take advantage and found out that Margot TOTALLY digs the museum! She has been twice in as many weeks, and really seems to love the oil paintings. I found it funny that she kept commenting on the "cute baby" (Jesus) and all of the "crowns" (halos) everyone was wearing.

It has been rainy, windy and nasty here all day but pretty soon the summer weather (and visitors..... Hi Missy!) will be here and we have so much planned for those months. I am looking forward to more regular posting soon and hopefully a ton of new pictures of how our baby is growing up.

Margot with daisies

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