Thursday, April 02, 2009

Monsters and Idols

Ben has been creating all of these really cool felt "monsters" for Margot to play with. He bought a bit of felt (made from recycled plastic bottles, none the less) and embroidery thread and set out to design a few scary monster. People, these things are AWESOME:

Monster Front View


He even took care of the details on the back:

Ben's Monster

The monsters are great friends who love to hang out with Margot.

Monsters and Friends

I haven't quite decided if it's really cute or really pathetic that after Margot is in bed, Ben and I settle down on the couch for a little crafting before bedtime. I have to admit though, I love knitting quietly and chatting about our days while we both ooh and ahh over each other's new projects.

In even more awesome news, I went to a book reading on Monday. The author was charming, funny, and exactly what I imagined she would be like:

Dooce speaking

For me, getting to meet Heather Armstrong was kind of like meeting my "internet idol". Dooce was the first blog I ever read - back when I didn't even know what the hell a blog was. Her candid, heartfelt posts are more than just entertaining, and I can't even imagine the lives she has touched by writing about her struggles with parenting. Ben and I enjoyed the reading and I am so glad I waited in line to meet her - she was genuinely kind and absolutely beautiful.

Me and Heather Armstrong (!)

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Emily said...


missyredhead said...

I love the new pic of Margot...she is so beautiful!!! The monsters are fun, too. Did Ben come up with some clever names like Bob and Spike or something?

The Clarks said...

I LOVE the monsters! They kinda look like what would be on Elise's "Yo Gabba Gabba" show and she is a huge fan of them, along with lots of other little kids. That is such a fun idea! I can just picture you guys chatting over your crafts...priceless!

kalurah said...

You met Heather??? I LOVE her blog. And her Twitter is just as brilliant!! (Ohhh...that sounded a bit dirty!)

carrie said...

OK, those monsters are the coolest things ever!!! And how cool that you met Dooce!

Elizabeth said...

Can I come join in the crafty fun!? I can't think of anything that sounds like more fun. I am super jealous that you met Dooce, too!!!!

Lauren said...

Ben made another monster yesterday - a green octopus type thingy with shell button eyes. I am trying to talk him into selling them!