Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Rocko Bama*

I voted for Barack Obama because I believe he will bring the change we need now. And I believe he has the temperament and outlook to do it right.

But beyond that, I'm happy that I can finally tell Margot with a straight face that she can be President. It's no longer theoretical. Truly, anyone born in American can grow up to be President, not just the white men.

We've finally proven years later that America is more than just a pipe dream. It is a promise to the world that has finally been kept.

*This is Margot's name for the President-elect.


carrie said...

Wasn't it amazing to watch the election results and CHEER - and feel full of hope - instead of crying??? :)

Emily said...

Rocko Bama! That is so cute.

The Clarks said...

I second that!


Maybe you should send him an email suggesting a name change..or at least he could adopt it as a nickname...'cause Rocko Bama sounds great lol.

Lacey Lu said...

Woot! I'm stoked and FTR, Margot would make an excellent Commander in Chief :)