Tuesday, August 12, 2008

As if the binkie wasn't enough

Well, it seems to finally have happened. We bit the bullets, steeled ourselves to the inevitable chaos, and battened down the hatches. It was time to throw away the diapers at night and go all potty all the time. There's still Pull-ups at night, just in case, but those do little more than contain the worst of it.

But here's the thing: it worked. It's only been two nights, but so far so good. Margot didn't wake up until almost 7 on Monday. Today it was five, but that will help us remember that liquids stop at dinner time.

And that how the last vestiges of infancy left our little baby. It sounds kind of sad to say that, but really, I don't miss changing diapers and the binkie thing has been bugging me for about two years.

Unfortunately, we still have a no-nap situation since the binkie left. I know some people will say that a lit of three year olds don't need naps, but they've never seen Margot after two weeks of not napping. She's touchy after 11, constantly has dark circles under her eyes, and falls asleep in the car at the drop of a hat. Basically, she's overtired.

So, two steps forward and one back. Any suggestions on how to get a three yoar old to take a nap. Especially since Daddy needs a nap too?



I agree diapers are one thing I dont miss lol.
My Ben tried to give up naps. I would still make him lay down in his room (and have to keep reminding him to lay down) for at least an hour. He would usually fall asleep towards the end of quiet time or sometimes not but it kept him in the habit and eventually he went back to taking regular naps.
And I agree that some kids need naps more than others. Ben actually just stopped napping but Ava will probably give them up soon as she needs much less sleep than he does.
Hope she goes back to napping so you can get some rest too :)

Trisha said...

I hear your anguish ~ Elise has gone from 2 2hour naps to 1 1.5 hour nap (because she wants her 2nd nap around 6pm which doens't work for me!) & it has severly cut into my 'me time' and my own naping schedule.

I had a friend that would have her kids lay down on mats to watch a movie . . . she didn't force them to sleep but they had to be laying down and most of the time they would just fall asleep. That would be my suggestion, as long as you don't have a strict 'no tv' policy.

Ben said...

IE: That's brilliant. I will start that system at once. Finally, hope!

Trisha: When Margot went down to one nap, I was severely traumatized. I feel your pain. Good luck.