Thursday, October 11, 2007

Shameless Plug (For Personal Gain)

For the last week you have seen me gush and slobber on about my new camera, right? Anyone ever wonder how I got hooked??

Well.... introducing my sister in law, Kalurah.

Here is a photo of their little kiddos, affectionately named "The Z Team" by Uncle Ben:

The Z Team

I took this photo last weekend; one of the very first with my new camera. She and my brother bought their camera last year, and I have been amazed at the quality of her photos. Saying that she is a "natural" is kind of hokey, but for lack of a better term.... she is a natural!

Kalurah has recently started a new photography blog called "An Open-Shutter Case". Not only do I love the clever wordplay, but the blog has LESSONS. For clueless people like ME. For FREE. Does anyone out there have a better deal??

So, head on over to her new blog and leave a comment. And get entered for a PRIZE! We love prizes, right? I know I do; hence the Shameless Plug (For Personal Gain). Enjoy exploring some really great photos!

Oh, and by the way - the lessons work. Case in point - this photo I took last night. I think it kinda rocks:

Portland Sky

Go now and enter!


kalurah said...

Aw shucks! you got me blushing, Lauren.
that picture is great! I am a sucker for silhouettes and shadows. and the color in the sky rocks!
A+ (smiley face)

ahna said...

I found you through Kalurah's blog. I, too, have been pining for a new camera. And I, too, am going to take her advice and get a Nikon. I can't wait. I am a little jealous that you have yours in hand already.
I've got to get my act together. Maybe tomorrow...!
Happy picture taking.
BTW - your daughter is gorgeous. I'd bet she'd hard to take a bad photo of. :-)