Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Little SiCKO

Margot is sick today. She started yesterday with a watery eye, and a mild fever. By last night, she was running at103 and threw up. She seems to be better today, and has stayed cool for eight hours, but she is still fighting. She hasn't eaten, and doesn't really feel like doing much except getting cozy on the couch. I hate when she is sick, because she looks at me like "Why can't you fix this?" and it breaks my heart. I am thankful she is a healthy kid and doesn't often turn up sick, but even just these little fever episodes make my heart sink into my stomach.


kalurah said...

I know what you mean. you feel SO helpless!
just treasure your healthy little girl and be glad she is not an asthmatic with allergies and eczema like poor Zach.
imagine feeling like an elephant is sitting on your chest, your eyes are gonna pop out onto the floor every time you go near animals and you feel as if someone's rubbed your entire body with a giant peach!
it's no wonder the kid is so moody!
hope Mags is feeling better. :)

carrie said...

Aw, poor Margot! I hope she's feeling better now. It's horrible feeling so helpless when they are miserable!