Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Cute Baby

As Margot's parents, we think she is a pretty cute kid. She has rosy fair skin, super blonde hair and electric blue eyes. We have plenty of people stop us in our tracks every time we go out, and the compliments are much appreciated. However, I really have to wonder if our baby is "special" or if every kid on earth gets the google eyes from their local neighbors. I personally think all kiddos are adorable, and find myself doing this exact google on every baby that crosses my path. Are you guys baby googlers?

So when our local radio station announced they are doing a cute baby contest, I didn't think much of it. As the deadline draws closer, they have been advertising non stop about the contest, and the prizes that are now involved. $1000 savings bond for your kiddo. Ok, that's nice. Back stage access at Clifford the Big Red Dog. Meh. $1000 gift certificate to Shutterbug in Portland. Wait... WHAT?? $1000 to a camera store??? I have not been able to shut up about this since our last visit with Jason & Kalurah. The gift certificate would be the answer to my greedy little dreams.

I need to win this contest. I need this camera. After all, I have strangers stopping me and telling me how cute my child is!!

So I am going to enter Margot in the contest. Wish us luck. I still have not decided what picture to choose yet, but I have a few in mind. Feel free to leave suggestions! We'll keep you posted!


kalurah said...

it's like...a sign! how perfect. I think any photo you pick of Margot will be perfect, she's such a doll! best of luck, guys.

kalurah said...

this is one of my all time faves

Elizabeth said...

She is BEAUTIFUL! I wish you lots and lots of luck, that is a ROCKIN camera! XOXO

Trisha said...

I am sure there is a lot of competition in Portland but I think you guys still have it in the bag. Good luck!!!