Friday, April 13, 2007

Easter Fun

Last weekend we traveled to Athena for a visit and Easter Fun. We arrived on Friday, ready for the Fire Department egg coloring extravaganza. I can remember vividly every year growing up, making our way to the fire station to color Easter eggs by the gross. It was always followed by a snack and a ride on the fire truck, and it is one of my very best childhood memories. I felt honored to share these same memories with my daughter.

Margot did very well coloring eggs. She started out by stacking white eggs in the dark blue dye, many more than would actually fit in the bowl. I showed her how to turn the eggs and color both sides, but she was too busy grabbing shiny white eggs. So I shoveled out the half blue eggs and tried to make room for the looming drop waiting inches above the bowl.

Almost Done

My brilliant little daughter's next line of thought was to grab whatever was closest and put that in the dye. This included eggs that were already colored, rolls of paper towels, Mom's cell phone, etc.

Done With That One

As a final gesture of how much fun she was having, Margot proceeded to pick up the entire bowl of color and dump it on herself.

Our Little Easter Egg

When time to ride in the fire truck came, I think I was more excited than Margot. I got to ride on the side STANDING UP, which is the COOLEST THING EVER! I always wanted to do it as a kid, so this was like a childhood dream come true. An action shot:

Pure Joy

Grandpa drove the firetruck and Grandma was in charge of the siren, so we were spoiled and got an extra long ride with lots of siren action. Sometimes I think about our choices to raise Margot in an urban city, and feel a bit wistful that she will not have the small town opportunities that I was raised with. I don't know why the stuck up Portland firefighters don't have time to cart small children around town on firetrucks with sirens blaring. Oh yeah, that's right...they are actually fighting fires. Oh well. I guess we will just have to make a trip every once and a while and ask for a ride.

The next day at the big hunt, Margot did very well. For Mom, it was like a high school reunion. The entire town was there, and it was kind of a trip seeing all of my old friends and classmates there, kids in tow. When did we all get so old??

Getting the Hang of It.

Grandma had bought her a very special fluffy bunny basket, and she knew right away what to do. She moved a bit slower than the older kids, but found a few eggs and even stumbled (read: tripped) over the hole where the silver egg was hidden. This resulted in a very proud Mama and a very shiny silver dollar from the fire chief. Good job, Margot!

Getting Her Silver Dollar

We had such a wonderful time, filled with family, friends and so much love. I can't wait until next year already!

This is fun


G.A. said...

Looks like she had fun (how long were her hands that color lol?) And I love the pic of you. I can tell that you are having a great time..a little bit of the kid in you is peeking out.

Ben said...

She still has some blue on her torso... it just won't go away!

Trisha said...

That is so funny! I hope your cell phone survived the coloring extravaganza!

Elizabeth said...

So so so C-U-T-E!!!!