Sunday, March 25, 2007

Crappy Weekend

Ugh. Our weekend SUCKED.

Between wrestling a snotty toddler with kleenex and incessant whining, things were not fun at chez Jarrell.

Margot started up with a fever Friday evening, and by Saturday morning (At 4:30am) she was completely stuffed up and running a gnarly fever. She refused to nap all day because she couldn't breathe with a bink in her mouth, so we laid around quite a bit, praying for bedtime. It was a long day.

Sunday little Miss woke up about 5am, but seemed better. Her fever broke, but the snot river was still raging. When Margot woke up from her nap, she had snot everywhere, including her hair. I can't wait until she gets the hang of nose blowing. We had another lazy day, and hung pretty close to home.

Not many things are worse than watching your little one suffer, when you are unable to help them. I hate when my sweet baby is sick.


kalurah said...

a parent never feels more hopeless than when their little one is sick.
I've done it with three different kids, and I still can't stand it!
hope Mags feels better now. give her a big kiss for aunte Kalurah and hold her hand for cousin Zoe!

carrie said...

So sorry to hear that Margot's sick again and that you guys had such a hard weekend. Hope you're all feeling better now. We love you!

Lauren said...

Thanks for the encouragement, guys!

Now I have a sore throat and stuff nose. Yick

Lauren said...

Um yeah, that would be "stuffy" nose.

I guess this cold is in my brain as well. :)

Elizabeth said...

I hope everyone feels better really really soon. besos!