Monday, February 19, 2007

Hey! I was playing...with....thaaaat

Today Ben and I took Margot to the East Portland Rec Center for indoor play time. The Rec center is amazing, very close to our house and a just an all around good resource for families. At only a buck per child, you can't beat the price and the toys they have are awesome. We certainly are not going to buy shopping carts, kiddie kitchens, huge wagons, trampolines or plastic slides any time soon, so this is her only chance to use them. Or, *try* to use them, I should say.

It is official that Margot is a total wuss. She had tiny babies taking things away from her and stealing her toys! Almost every toy should would start to use, some other kid would come up and basically rip it away from her. It was very interesting to watch her reaction when this happened. I thought after the tenth time she might get a little upset, but she would just smile and move on. She did not seem to be bothered by this playground jungle, but rather intrigued that so many other kids were moving and playing together at the same time. Sometimes I forget that she is A) an only child, B) stays at home with a parent and C) has no friends.

Although it made me very happy that she could share so well and was very patient with the other kids, I was also kind of sad that she seemed to be at a loss with interacting with other babies.

Wake up Mom and Dad, Margot needs some time around other kids stat.


kalurah said...

Hey, I can totally sympathize with having a friendless child. Zander has never had a play date in his life. the only social interaction he gets is with his own siblings, so of course, that naturally leads to hair pulling and fist fights, then, when he gets around other kids, he isn't socially withdrawn, no, he just wipes the floor with the other kids like their a dirty kitchen towel. so instead of being the non-aggressive one, he is the one you're looking at, at the playground, and thinking,"who's little brat is that? thank God that isn't MY child. all the kids are running away from that kid!"
so, yes, there are drawbacks to only children, as you say. but just look at Zander...I rest my case.

carrie said...

Too bad we don't live closer! We could get our two only children together all the time and they'd probably be best friends. :)

By the way, the latest pics you posted are completely adorable. The "Chillin on Alberta" one cracks me up! It's so freakin' cute! I can't believe how grown up she is...