Friday, January 26, 2007

Do you play basketball?

!!News Flash!!

I am tall. Not quite at the freakish level, but pretty close. I was six feet tall in the 6th grade, so I have often been mistaken for all kinds of things. When I was younger, everyone thought I was older. Then, everyone assumed I was a basketball player. One time, a very weird doctor asked me if I had Marfan's Giant syndrome.(WTF? by the way... I never went back). Pretty much any tall joke you can think of, I have heard. But guess what? I LOVE being tall. I LOVE that I never need to ask for help to reach the top shelf at the grocery store. Once I got past that awkward "I'm taller than everyone I know, including my teachers and my friends Dad"
stage, it has been pretty great. Sure, I can't fit in a Ferrari, but I unless I dump Ben and try to marry some rich old asshole, I don't really see a Ferrari in my future.

So, this morning when we took Margot in to her 18 month well check appointment, I was not surprised that she is almost off the charts for height. She is now just under 34 inches tall, and growing rapidly. I have heard before that you can take a child's height at age 2 and double it to get their adult height, but I don't know if that is really true. At this point, 6 months shy of 2, the addage says Margot will be 5'8" tall. Respectable. Not freakish. But somehow, I don't think she will be stagnant in growth for the next six months. Any bets?

Anyway, her appointment went well. She is very healthy and beautiful. She is 33 and 3/4 inches tall and weighs 27 pounds. Her head is huge as well, which of course makes sense, because she is SMART. And needs a giant head to hold her big, smarty pants BRAIN. Pretty much the only issue she has right now is speaking, which her Dr seemed mildly concerned about. She said they like to see 10 to 20 spoken words at this age, and Margot only says 2. She suggested the signing may be hindering her will to begin speaking. So I guess we are going to have to back off the signing a bit with her and try to be more narrative. I am sure I will not feel one bit stupid saying out loud "Why yes Margot, Mommy does need to go potty in the bathroom!"

We have a standing referral for a hearing and audiology test in the next two months if she does not begin speaking more. I am not worried at this point, but I just don't want to put it off as over-precautious if there truly is a problem. I don't want her to fall behind verbally because her Mom and Dad were too lazy to get her a hearing test. We will keep you updated.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Amber said...

That is funny that just because someone is tall, people expect them to be basketball players. My husband is almost 6'5" and he gets asked that same basketball question all the time. When in reality he couldn't care less about sports.

kalurah said...

I am so 'all over' that "big head equals smart" adage. All 3 of our kids have massive noggins! They can't even wear children's-size hats, and FORGET about shirts without any buttons! I just have to comfort myself by remembering how smart daddy is and how marginally smart I am. So obviously, our children will follow suit.

Deb said...

Thanks for making me laugh. You know my philosophy, "You're tall, you can pull it off," even if it is a "hole" in your eyebrow! I am glad to hear that "The Mags" is doing so well! My brother did not talk much when he was Margot's age and then when he turned three he started reading a paragraph aloud from "The Wall Street Journal." I am not kidding, and now he is one of the most intelligent, successful people I know. Keep up the good work, you and Ben are amazing parents and are doing a great job!

carrie said...

My nephew did this same thing -- he could sign everything he needed to, so he felt no need to talk. He was two and a half before he said anything but Mama and Daddy, and now he never stops talking. And hooray for being tall. I always wished I was tall (my grandma is 6') but I got the 'short' genes. Sigh. :) But just like Margot, I think lucky Millie IS going to be tall!