Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Oops, we did it again

It seems like just yesterday that Margot was getting in size four diapers. This week, she's started in 5s.

Supposedly, you can tell when your child needs to move up to the next diaper size when the diaper starts leaking. That's true with Margot as well, but a cleaner indication seems to be when she just meets the weight requirement for diapers. She's 27 pounds now, and the size five diapers start at 27 pounds.

If we'd followed this advice, she wouldn't have needed a pre-breakfast bath yesterday. It's kind of jarring to do first thing Monday morning, but she loves baths so she was okay with it. Luckily, we'd just bought a box of size 5s, so we have plenty in reserve.

Last week was really bad teething week, and this week seems only marginally better. It looks like another molar is coming in, which seem to be very painful. As usual, though, she's happy most of the time, and then she'll occasionally start sobbing inconsolably in a heart-breaking way. And when she's done, she's happy again.

What we learned this week is watch the diaper sizes, and don't give Margot too much to drink after about 5 in the evening.

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