Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Growing up is fun to do!

Miss Margot will be 17 months old here in a few weeks, and she has been learning in leaps and bounds the last few weeks. She can make tiger sounds and swipe her "paws" at you, monkey sounds (complete with underarm tickling) and identify all of her body parts. She blows kisses, gives hugs and dances like crazy when she hears any music. However, today she reached a huge milestone - she went PEE on the POTTY!

Taking a cue from Margot's adorable friend Millie, Ben and I thought we would put her on the potty and see what happens. I actually went to the bathroom first, and then put Mags up there. She looked so tiny sitting up there, but she loved it. Hopefully it will continue to be "fun" all the way through the next few years.

We love you big girl!


auntekalurah said...
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auntekalurah said...

Woman, do you know just how lucky you are?! Especially if Mags has stuck with it. Zachary is just a month shy of 3 1/2, and the boy has just now started potty training. I won't go into all the gory details here, but you can read all about it @ the kids' blog, www.zoesroom.net.
I swear, girls are easier to train than boys. I was beginning to think Zander would pass his brother over at only 18 months old! Now, just one more to go.