Monday, August 28, 2006

Of Teeth and Naps

Margot has had two little teeth on the bottom for months now. It's completely adorable. But after the cute shock wore off I found myself wanting more. Then I found myself worrying that there were no more. Well, no more. Margot's third tooth has just today broken through her gums. It's still just a white jagged edge along the top of her gums, but it's definitely there. Hopefully, it's just the start of a flood of new teeth.

It's been pretty obvious that getting this tooth has been a little difficult for her. Not as bad as her first two, but she's had some pain. She woke up in the middle of the night a couple of times, and we figured it was the tooth.

But all that's changed. On a lark (read: reluctantly) we dropped one nap and she instantly started sleeping better. Even the last couple of nights, when it seems like the gum pain should have been at its worst, she slept well (aside from some minor restlessness attributed to tomatoes). So that's it. We now have a one nap girl.

The most surprising thing about that is that it wasn't that hard on me. I anticipated feeling stuck with her all day, no break for my sanity, but I don't. One nap is fine. We do things in the morning and then after her swim class, she sleeps. It works out quite well, actually.

So that's it. Add a tooth, subtract a nap, and here we are.

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Deb said...

Keep up the good work, pops! Parenting is all about the "change up" there will be many more bridges to cross, but you and the mama are doing a great job!