Sunday, March 12, 2006

Stand in the place where you live

This has been quite a month so far. Just as we were about to finish packing, we got word that our deal on the house fell through, so we're selling it again. It's really frustrating, but a least we didn't have to move in the snow.

Margot has been making a lot of progress this month. The cutest thing has been the mastery of clapping. Though she may wake up at five thirty in the morning, when you go in to see her, she's smiling and clapping, delighted at your arrival. It make very early morning easier.

Another new skill is crawling. After months of eschewing crawling in favor of standing and being held while walking, she's finally starting to head forward when on all fours. She's still a little slow, but in a few days, she'll be even more of a handful.

She hasn't given up on walking yet, though. She's started letting go when she's standing and trying to balance on her own. For the most part it's going well, but she's definitely discovering gravity. At least once a day for the past week she's knocked her head on something hard. It's a gentle knock, but it's still new and scary, so there has been a lot of crying.

Speaking of crying, she's still adjusting to her new nap schedule (better than we are). She still gets cranky in the evenings, so we tend to do whatever shopping we need to do at about five or six. Seeing new places is fun, and once we're moved, there will be a whole new set of new places and faces.

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