Monday, February 27, 2006

Stranger Danger

That's right, Margot has entered the delightful stage of Stranger Anxiety. Along with that, we also have a good dose of Separation Anxiety, especially when she's tired, which seems to be always (more on that later). While snuggling up is often nice, constant clinging gets a little old, especially at the end of the day when your back has just had enough. We know this will pass though. She'll happily smile at everyone from our arms, though.

In more fun news, Margot is just a few steps from walking (pun not intended). Not only does she pull herself up, but she can almost balance on her own and she takes a couple steps while holding on to the couch. Her favorite, though, is being lead along by us while taking steps. She even tried to take a step unaided once while just leaning against Lauren, but she fell immediately. Considering how fast she's progressing, it seems like we'll be lucky if she wait to walk before we can babyproof our new place.

No new sounds this week (unless you count an unholy screech while inhaling), but there is one more development. She has stopped taking afternoon naps. Now, while the break from her was nice, what I miss most about those naps is the fact that she didn't spend her last four hours awake cranky. Today, she only took two naps, for a totally of about two hours. Normally, she takes two two hour naps and one one hour nap. So she's not exactly miss happy in the evening. Still very cute, though.

Finally Friends

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