Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day

It's been a pretty eventful month so far. Margot and I got very sick during the first week or so, me with flu and colds and Margot with a nasty cold and a hacking cough. It took her a couple of weeks, but now all she has left is a slightly runnier-than-usual nose.

She's still not crawling yet, but Margot seems to be content skipping that phase. All she ever does when she's on all fours is try and stand up. It's kind of funny, because she has no where near the balance needed to do it, so she tips over every time. But when she's near something in arms reach she loves to pull herself up. In fact, you can download a video of her doing it here. So instead of crawling, she just rolls to where she's trying to go.

Also exciting is her evolving babbling. She now constantly says "bababababa" and "mamamama" (though never on the phone) and it sounded this morning like she said "dadada". She has the sweetest little voice.
All Ready to Go

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