Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas Shots

Margot sleeps through the night. She has for almost as long as she's been sleeping in her own room, and we are grateful. Not only do we get plenty of sleep, but when she's not sleeping through the night, we discover that she's sick, and hasn't just had a fussy day.

Of course, when Grandpa came for one day, Margot was feeling sick. She wasn't all tears, but she wasn't her normal all-smiles self. We took her to the doctor after Grandpa left and it turns out Margot got her second ear infection.

This time it was only in one ear, which was a relief, but it was also resistant to amoxicillan and arithromiacin, since it developed less than 30 days after she finished her last round of antibiotics. And since Christmas is coming up, we decided to get all the drugs out of the way right away and get her some shots.

She did very well, hardly crying at all after getting the shots. She's already sleeping through the night again, and we're hoping she'll be much recovered by Christmas morning.

And just to prove that she loves her granpa, here's a pitcure of them:

Margot and Grandpa

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