Tuesday, October 04, 2005

"Your baby has a fever" and other lies

Today was Margot's first day at daycare. She is attending Blossom Hills daycare center on Tues and Thurs. Ben and I dropped her off, looking adorable and she took right to it. We of course were misty eyed and had to be escorted out, but she was having fun. WELL, a few hours later Margot's teacher called and said she had a fever - 100 degrees even. So, Ben rushes to get her, and she comes home. She was acting fine, smiling, being very happy and not acting sick at all. We took her temp again and it was 98.7. Um, here's the deal - if you raise your baby in a cooler environment, like say 68 degrees in the house, then when she goes to daycare and the thermostat is set at 73, she's going to be hot. So maybe take a few clothes off, open a window, etc....
We'll try again on Thursday. PS - More pics has more pics!

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